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What We're Doing

We’ve opened our cloud-based chart audit tool to all home health and hospice agencies for the entire 2nd Quarter of 2020 at no charge.  Unlimited audits per account, real person support, and most of all our sincerest wish to make something a little easier during a difficult time.

Chart audits are what we know.  PIChartAudit simplifies the work flow and increases efficiency. It is easy to put into action.  Your auditors can work locally or remotely.  Statistics and progress review is available to any supervisor regardless of location.

Your Use of PIChartAudit
•   Your use of our cloud-based audit tool is at no cost.
•   Your free access remains active through June 30, 2020.
•   Your information is used to set up an account and identify the owner and administrator of the account. Administrators can:
     ⚬  Set up additional users.
 ⚬  Control user permissions as needed.
•   You can set up one agency name which includes support for multiple branches.
•   You can use any of the four audit templates (2 QAPI and 2 Pre-Claim) included to perform unlimited audits.
•   You will have full functionality with the exception that each account is limited to one organization.
Good Things to Know
•   Tutorial videos - found in the HELP menu - should assist you in getting started quickly.
     ⚬  If an online orientation is preferred, contact us so we can get you scheduled.
•   Example chart audit data - also found in the HELP menu - makes it easy for you to immediately view example audits and reports.
What About When Q2/2020 Ends?
•   On July 1 your account and all data entered will remain active and available for your use. You will be able to login, view previous chart audits plus generate and print all reports.
•   After July 1, you can continue with new audits with the purchase of chart audit credits.

If you need more Information or we can answer a question...
Call us toll-free at 844-893-PICA | 844-893-7422.

We reserve the right to freeze or terminate any account where use of the account is considered inappropriate or detrimental to other users of our system.

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