Ensure Future Emails Arrive In Your Inbox

Start by selecting your email service.


If you find an email from PIChartAudit in your Spam or Junk folder, identifying the message as "Not Spam" or "Not Junk" is usually sufficient to prevent future emails from being routed there. The following instructions are intended to assist in finding your Spam/Junk folder and marking the message as OK.

For a greater level of prevention you can also add our email domain to your contact list. Please check your email help for specific instructions about your contact list.

Yahoo Mail

Hotmail has been rolled into Microsoft's Outlook Online. Please see the instructions for Outlook or click here to jump to the Outlook instructions.

1. Locate and open the Spam folder.
2. Click to open our email.
3. Click the "Not Spam" icon on the top toolbar.
AOL Webmail
1. Locate and open the Spam folder.
2. Right click on our email.
3. Click "Not spam" in the drop-down list that appears.

AT&T no longer maintains their own inbox.  Instead you can find your AT&T emails at Please follow the Yahoo instructions for whitelisting an email address.  Click here to jump to those instructions.