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A Chart Audit Tool for Home Health & Hospice

Helping your auditors to stay productive.

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PIChartAudit redefines the audit process.

This is the modern approach to chart auditing. It's an auditing tool designed to keep your auditors auditing and provide instant access to administrative reports and audit status information. Saving your work is automatic and continuous. Audits are filed and organized for you. And its all stored safely in the cloud.

Your auditors are still the masters of the chart review but in a fast and efficient environment that makes the entire work flow more efficient. It works with PCs and tablets and is accessible 24/7 from anywhere. See how you can redefine your chart audit process starting today.

Why PIChartAudit?

Automation yields benefits for all measures!

PICA advantages: Improve quality

Improves Quality

Timely and accurate reports clearly show clinical staff when and where problems occur. Clear measures of quality support its continual improvement.

PICA advantages: Save time

Saves Time

No wasted steps looking for files or forms to copy or review. Once you sign-in to PIChartAudit all audit templates, past work, and guidance are just a click away.

PICA advantages: Reduce risk

Reduces Risk

Identify your problem areas quickly and clearly. Whether the problems reside with procedures or people the resulting risk can only be mitigated once you know why.

PICA advantages: Save money

Saves Money

How much revenue can you lose on an incomplete chart? Your auditing process needs to be consistent and transparent. Automating your audit environment leads to a trusted process.

A Few Things to Brag About.

Redefining the Realm of Home Care Patient Chart Audits.

Simple graphic of check mark within a circle Convenient

Chart audit information all in one place - so its' easily accessible from anywhere at anytime. Users love the responsive design that allows them to work on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Simple graphic of cclipboard with checklist Easy to Follow Checklist

You select the audit type (HH, HH Pre-Claim or Hospice), disciplines and probe groups that you need for your chart and a custom audit checklist is instantly created for you.

Simple graphic of three people to signify a group Unlimited Access

We don’t limit the number of users, sites or agencies. Because we are a cloud based service, there is no software to purchase.

Simple graphic of an open book Integrated Guidance

What is that standard?  Need clarification for a PIChartAudit probe? A quick click displays guidance specific to that probe question.

Simple graphic of a pie chart with a single highlighted slice Chart Progress Dashboard

PIChartAudit shows the % of completion and compliance of each chart in real-time.

Simple graphic of a stack of papers Robust Reporting

What if you want to see the stats for all your audits or compare sites side by side? Until now, that could take hours. PIChartAudit does it in seconds. Amazing right?

We made PIChartAudit for You.

Designed for Agencies and Consultant Groups of all Sizes.

Home Health and Hospice Agencies

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PIChartAudit was designed to guide you through the patient chart audit process using specific probe questions tailored for both Home Health & Hospice agencies.

Corporate Entities

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Whether you're a Management Group or Corporate owner of Home Health agencies, quality patient chart audits are critical to your corrective action plan and successful claims payments. PIChartAudit is the solution.

Homecare Consultants

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PIChartAudit delivers highly accurate, comprehensive patient chart audits with on-demand reporting. Consultants can provide full and accurate reports anytime without spending hours compiling data.

History and Vision of PIChartAudit.

Delivering Patient Chart Audit Management for the 21st Century.

Who We Are...
What Began as an Idea...

One day one of our colleagues expressed frustration over the antiquated way that chart audits were done. Medicare certainly knew how to identify plenty of problems, and lost revenue was the result. What could be done to make the chart audit process more effective, more efficient and pave the way for improved quality?

Became a Vision...

To create a tool that was simple to use…allowing an auditor to easily record critical responses. One that would instantly deliver highly efective reports. One that presented a vastly improved approach for identifying problems and improving quality.

And is Changing the way Chart Audits are Done...

Launched in 2015, PIChartAudit is now changing the way agencies conduct their chart audits. With a set of comprehensive probe questions along with probe guidance, PICA lets the auditor record compliance by discipline and enter discipline-specific notes.

Auditors and management can now gain instant and valuable insight from chart audits, resulting in actions to improve compliance & quality and retain revenue.

What our clients are saying about PIChartAudit...

"PIChartAudit has given me the ability to create detailed reports that I did not have before. The spread sheet we utilized for chart audits prior to PIChartAudit was labor intensive, time consuming and had to be calculated out by hand. I also had to review the data to pull out deficiencies and create another report to get the detail needed for our POC and improving our documentation."


"With PIChartAudit I simply answer my audit questions as I perform my audits and the reports are created from the data entered. I have the ability to create a Side By Side Report which details the compliance percentage for each question and can compare quarter over quarter to demonstrate our progress or decline."


"With PIChartAudit, creating reports has decreased from 2-3 hours on the Excel spreadsheet to a matter of less than a minute, and the information from the data is more accurate and detailed than what I could achieve with an Excel spread sheet."


"The Missed Opportunity report gives me their deficiencies in one easy to read report and makes formulating our POC so much quicker and definitely improves the accuracy over doing this by hand."