We do Patient Chart Audits.  We do them very well!

Features that set us apart.

Line graphic image of three types/sizes of devices.

Universal access.

An auditor can start a chart, a supervisor can review its progress, and a consulting auditor can see the findings, all without ever passing a paper file or sending it via e-mail. PI Chart Audit works on any PC, Mac or tablet. Access from any device and any location with an Internet connection.

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Unlimited access.

We don’t charge a subscription fee or limit the number of users or sites. Whether you’re a single office, multi-site provider, or a consultant working with multiple clients, we won’t limit the number of users. Easy to set permissions allow you to control who can see and work in your files.

Screen shot from the Probes page of PICA, a response grid for a single question.

Clear, clean, easy to follow design.

PIChartAudit only displays the disciplines that you choose. Response buttons are large and easy to click as the auditor works between the chart and the PIChartAudit probe check lists.

Screen shot from the Probes page of PICA, the chart status block from the top of the page

You always know the status of your audits.

PI Chart Audit shows the real-time status and progress of your patient chart audit. Whether a full audit or a Pre-Claim review audit, there are completion and compliance summaries.

Screen shot of the PICA guidance (help) modal window available on the Probes page

Guidance along the way.

Both seasoned clinical staff and non-clinical auditing staff will appreciate the built in guidance that allows for consistency when answering probe questions.

thumbnail of a PICA report

Robust Reporting.

At the heart of PI Chart Audit is its powerful report engine. Data that once may have taken days to compile can now be accessed immediately. You will save time and resources by having reports that provide single site and multi-site audit results, compare sites, and chart progress over time.

Outdated audit tools can hurt your bottom line!

Now is the tme to act and put a proven chart audit program in place. Be proactive, be prepared and be amazed at what PIChartAudit can do to improve your bottom line. Find out what other agencies already know – PIChartAudit is a game changer.